How To Smack Yourself (Staying Motivated)

The Truth About Rivers

Sometimes you just have to slap yourself in the face. Why? …Well whatever do you mean why? Because “yourself” is annoying. Sometimes you have to put yourself back in their proper place before they go running rampant spreading mediocrity all over the place. The thing is, nobody has time for that. Especially when you have dreams, deadlines, and other things to conquer. Oh…you don’t know how to smack yourself in the face? Oh no, no. Don’t fret. I can walk you through the process easily. Actually, I had to slap myself in the face just today.

There are a few ways one can accomplish this:


1. Productivity Smack:

This is my favorite. What happens is yourself will start nagging you. Sometimes they try to do it first thing in the morning. The sneaky bastard knows your most vulnerable then. They were right next to you watching you watch Game…

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… on shoveling eggs

just ponderin'


I’ve been doing a little research on the whole scrambled egg thing.

Yes there is a scrambled egg thing! 

Where have you been?

So last week I was hanging out at Dingle Diner and the Nearly Perfect Husband was sliding-slash-scooping my scrambled eggs out of the pan onto my plate (because I like my scrambled eggs small and the grill doesn’t allow him to make them small enough and they make big egg clumps. Gross. And, hence, the frying pan.)

So he put the eggs on my plate and handed the it over with the salt and pepper and a nice, hot cup of coffee.

Spoiled? Me? No I’m not!

I only handed him my coffee back once (not enough cream) and I didn’t even mention the fact that he forgot my ice water,

The guy has it good.

Anyway, when he handed me my plate, I started to eat…

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